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3M C-5613802 Cartpak-DP290 System Replacement Cartridge

3M C-5613802 Cartpak-DP290 System Replacement Cartridge


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• Flow rate of 37.9L per minute
• Filters scale and dissolved solids
• Maximum water pressure of 125psi
• Easy to change cartridge design
• Prevents internal parts from contamination
• Maximum operating temperatures of 37.8Degree Celsius

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Cartpak-DP290 cartridge is ideal for tea and coffee filtration systems, ice machine filtration systems, proofer oven filtration systems, and beverage dispenser filtration systems. This water filtration cartridge is a perfect replacement for old cartridge, with a powerful flow rate of 37.9L per minutes. It reduces the particulate matter and sediment from the water supply, helping you maintain the necessary hygiene standards.


With an inbuilt scale inhibition, 3M mineral reduction cartridge prevents the scale and lime buildup in the equipment. It filters unwanted tastes and odors and prevents the growth and spread of water borne bacteria. Equipped with an Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (I.M.P.A.C.T) filtration cartridge combines membrane with a premium activated carbon block that provides excellent throughput and cartridge life.


This replacement filtration cartridge can endure a maximum of 37.8 degrees Celsius temperature and a maximum water pressure of 125psi. The quick change filtration design help reduce the serviceability time, as it can be removed without using a filter wrench. This efficient 3M C-5613802 replacement cartridge elevates the life of your equipment and prevents the costly repairs and maintenance.

Coffee and Hot Tea, Coffee and Hot Tea Water Filtration, Cold Beverage, Combination Systems, Ice Machine Water Filtration, Steamer, Combi Oven, and Proofer Oven Water Filtration, Water Filtration for Cold Beverage Dispensers
Capacity (Metric)
408823 l
Filter Type
Flow Rate (Metric)
37.9 Litre per minute
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
37.8 Degree Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Micron Rating
0.2 Absolute, @ 95%
Pressure Range
125 psi
Pressure Range (Metric)
862 kPa
Product Series
High Flow
Reduction Claims
Bacteria, Bacteriostatic, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Cyst, Scale, Sediment
3M™ High Flow Series
Units per Case


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