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BevGuard 106092 Water Filter Membrane

BevGuard 106092 Water Filter Membrane


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• NSF Compliant Components
• 97-98% reduction of TDS
• Quick change design
• Easy to install
• Compact size

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BevGuard RO membrane delivers clean and purified water by removing unwanted particles and dissolved solids. This filtration membrane is suitable for water conditions where chlorides exceed 225 PPM, nitrates exceed 10 PPM, TDS levels exceed 350 PPM, hardness exceeds 4 grains or if fluoride is present.


BevGuard 106092 water filter membrane is compatible with the BG-RO3100 water filtration system. This water filtration system finds applications in food equipment. It has a filtration capacity of 100 gallons per day. BevGuard Reverse osmosis system prevents scale build-up on the internal components of machines reducing the frequency of maintenance and repairs.


This membrane reduces the TDS levels of incoming water by 97-98%. With a quick twist design, the membrane can be easily removed without the need for a filter wrench.


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