How McDonalds Creates The Perfect Coke Everytime

Just about everyone at one time or another has ordered a Coke at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Ever noticed that it always tastes like it has been freshly poured straight out of an ice cold bottle and it is always ice cold, fizzy and has the perfect flavor every time at every location?

That’s because McDonald’s has cracked the code when it comes to creating the perfect fountain drink mixture.

According to a recent article posted at, the McDonald’s cooperation admitted that it tries to ensure that all their Coke products are mixed to perfection.

How Do They Do It?

McDonald’s creates its perfect mixture for its Coke products by first cooling the temperature of the soda water to an optimal degree between 33 – 38 degrees Fahrenheit which helps with carbonation creating the perfect fizzy effect.

By using insulated tubing, the fluid is kept cool while it is constantly circulated from the refrigerated cooling unit all the way to the soda fountain.

McDonald’s pointed out that the flavor mixture and soda water are always pre-cooled before reaching the drink machine with just the right amount of syrup added to allow for mixing with melting ice.

Coca-Cola always delivers the coke syrup in stainless steel containers to McDonald’s restaurants helping to preserve the syrup.

Drinking Strategies

McDonald’s takes it a step further in guaranteeing its Coke products taste top notch by using top of the line water filtration systems.

Next time you dine out at a McDonald’s restaurant take a look at the straws, they are huge! McDonald’s doesn’t use tiny straws that only allow a small amount of fluid to seep through, they use huge wide straws to allow the flavor to flow right into customers mouths.

McDonald’s is one of the most successful chain food restaurants for a reason, it knows how to provide customers with what they want.

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