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Fetco D041 Pump Lever Airpot

Fetco D041 Pump Lever Airpot


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• Dual layer stainless-steel inner liner
• Locking lid
• Cool-to-touch exteriors
• Spacious 3L capacity
• Durable swivel carry handles
• Pump lever dispensing system
• Multi-directional cup filling

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Fetco coffee airpot extends the convenience of carrying beverages to different locations. You can directly brew into the airpot funnel, with swing open lid. The lid eases the filling process and keeps the airpot tightly sealed during transportation. It features a rotating base that eases multi-directional cup filling. Ergonomically swivel carry handles offers ease of portability.


Pump lever airpot is designed with stainless-steel that elevates the life of the product. The cool-to-touch outer compartment offers a safe user experience. Fetco D041 airpot has interior compartment designed with vacuum sealed inner liner that is made up of dual layer stainless steel. The fully insulated compartment seals the flavors of the beverage and maintains the required temperatures.


This portable coffee airpot has a compact size and can be your go-to-go beverage dispenser. It features a pump lever dispensing system that pours the liquid without lifting, holding or tilting the airpot. You can regulate the quantity of beverage that is being dispensed preventing wastage and spillage.


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