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Lancer 85-4848-111 Sensation Chewable Ice Beverage Dispenser

Lancer 85-4848-111 Sensation Chewable Ice Beverage Dispenser


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• LED lighting
• Potion control
• Self-serve multiple valves
• High capacity drip tray
• Manual front load access
• Spacious ice bin
• GB graphics
• Durable stainless-steel construction
• Hex drive ice agitation system

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Upgrade to Lancer 85-4848-111 dispenser that allows you to serve several combinations of beverages to your customers. The 8-valve dispense system comes with potion control that contributes in controlling the beverage cost. Commercial beverage dispenser features ice dispensing valve on the right side of the unit that efficiently dispenses the ice and doesn’t interrupt with the drink dispensing valves. It can dispense any type of extruded ice.


Designed with a high capacity drip tray, ice beverage dispenser reduces the cleaning troubles by storing the spills. This 30 inch beverage dispenser is made up of stainless steel that resists the effects of water, and offers lasting performance. In-built LED lights create proper illumination around the dispenser.


Lancer Sensation beverage dispenser comes with a fully insulated ice bin that slows down the melting of ice keeping your ice supply servable for longer. Installed hex drive agitation system ensures hassle-free operation. This countertop beverage dispenser can easily adapt to the dimensions of 22 inch and 30 inch wide ice makers. To offer the flexibility of installation, Lancer ice beverage dispenser has manual front loading access, thus it can be installed in spaces with low clearance. It requires 115V electric connection for operation.


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