BevGuard 106046 Filtration Cartridge

BevGuard 106046 Filtration Cartridge


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• Filtration capacity of 4000 gallons
• Polyphosphate scale inhibitor
• 0.5 Micron carbon block
• Prevents scale and lime buildup
• Dual O-ring design for a watertight seal
• Removes silt, sand, rust
• Minimum water pressure of 25psi
• Maximum water pressure of 125psi
• Maximum temperature of 100°F

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The BevGuard filtration cartridge features a 0.5 micron compressed carbon block filters chlorine taste, impurities and odors from the water supply, delivering pure and hygienic water. It finds application in water coolers, coffee brewers, chillers, beverage dispensers and more.


This mineral reduction cartridge efficiently filters the incoming water by removing sponge, sediments, dissolved solids. Equipped with a polyphosphate scale inhibitor, the BevGuard 106046 filtration cartridge prevents mineral and scale buildup on the internal parts of the machines, reducing the maintenance frequency, ensuring a longer serviceable life.


This scale reduction cartridge has a dual-O-ring design that provides a watertight seal. The quarter-turn head offers the ease of serviceability and reduces the servicing time. It has a flow rate of 0.5 GPM and can filter up to a maximum of 4000 gallons of water. This filtration cartridge requires a minimum of 25 psi water pressure and endures a maximum water pressure of 125 psi. It can withstand a maximum of 100°F operating temperature.

Micron Rating:

0.5 Micron


12.25” x 2.25” (31.11 cm x 5.71 cm)

Min Operating Pressure:

25 psi (1.7 bar)

Max Operating Pressure:

125 psi – (8.6 bar)

Operating Temperature:

35-100°F (1.7°C – 38°C)

Flow Rate:

0.5 gpm (1.89 lpm)


4,000 gallons (15,141 liters)