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BevGuard 105180 RO350P Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

BevGuard 105180 RO350P Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


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• 3 Stages of water filtration
• Improved recovery rate by up to 400%
• Reduced water waste by up to 80%
• High-quality dual-stage carbon filter
• Shuts off once the storage tank is full
• Easy to install
• Filters sediments and foul tastes
• Filtration capacity of 50gallons
• Efficient permeate pump

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BevGuard is an ideal upgrade to your traditional filtration system. It delivers clean and purified water to the machine, by removing unwanted particles and foul smells from the water supply. This filtration system performs a three-stage water filtration with a high-quality dual-stage sediment/carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane and GAC carbon final polishing filter.


The BevGuard 105180 filter removes the sediments, and prevents the growth and spread of waterborne bacteria, offering a pure and hygienic water supply. It elevates the life of the machine by reducing the maintenance and repair frequency. The reverse osmosis filtration system, id equipped with a non-electric permeate pump that is low on maintenance. It efficiently improves the recovery rates, by 400% and reduces the wastage of water by 80%.


The compact filtration system can filter up to 50 gallons of crystal clear water each day. The Permeate pump halts the RO production, after the full capacity of the storage tank has reached, thus contributing towards the conservation of water. With a space-saving design, it can be installed in places with small clearances. It includes a built-in maintenance-free flow restrictor so it won’t be overlooked during installations. BevGuard filtration system is effective for inlet water pressure as low as 30psi. The filtration system is ideal for water conditions where the Chlorides exceed 225 PPM, TDS exceeds 350 PPM, Hardness exceeds 4 grains, Nitrates exceed 10 PPM or if Fluoride is present.


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