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    10 Button Wunderbar Post Mix Gun, Blue

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    10 Button WunderBar M4 Post Mix Gun Blue

  • SA 10530G

    10530 POSTMIX GUN 30″

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    10530 Schroeder America POSTMIX GUN 30″

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    SKU: FS-2123-9LS

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    This free stsnding ICE Chest SKU-2123 9LS comes with knock down leg stand (one box) and Also available with sealed-in cold plates. NSF approved.

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    FS1522,8 CIR PSMX W/LEGS

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    Check this free stsnding ICE chest has 8 circut, 1522, PSMX with knock down features. The product approved from NSF.

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    Lancer – Flavor Select 30″ Ice Beverage Dispenser

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    Flavor Select-FS30 Features:

    *Consistent Drink Quality with Cold Carbonation

    *16 Brands for over 100 Flavor Possibilities

    *12 bonus flavors

    *Self-contained with Multiple Ice Fill Options

    * 30″ IBD footprint

    *“Air Mix” nozzles

    *Illuminated Interchangeable Merchandiser

    *Removable Tray and Cup Rest

    *Cubelet Ice Dispense

    (available-specifications on request)

    DIMENSIONS Width: 30 in (762 mm) Depth: 30.5 in (775 mm) Height: 40.25 in (1022 mm)
    REQUIRED SPACE Left side: 1 in (25 mm) Right side: 1 in (25 mm) Back: 1 in (25 mm) Top: 6 in (152 mm) Optional legs: 4 in (102 mm)
    WATER Filtered water 50 psi min
    ICE Capacity: 290 lbs (132 kg) Dispensable: 215 lbs (98 kg)
    FITTINGS Soda inlets: 3/8″ barb Syrup inlets: 3/8″ barb


  • 10v

    Lancer – IBD 4500 30″ 10 valve

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    Stainless Steel Ice Beverage Dispenser with Push Button or Sanitary Lever Ice Dispensing Options


    *30″W x 30.5″D x 34″H

    *10 VALVE

    *Low-Ice Indicator

    *Hard-Plumbed Lines for High Performance and Low Maintenance

    *Installation Flexibility with Front and Rear Plumbing Access

    *Insulated Ice Bin and Drip Tray


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    Lancer – Stainless Steel Ice Chest

    SKU: 85-0408

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    • One inch molded Polyurethane structural insulation on all sides and bottom
    • Stainless Steel
    • NSF approved sliding lids
    • Available with sealed-in cold plate for post-mix
    • 15” x 22” available with sealed-in cold plate
    • 8 circuit
    • post-mix
    • 1/2” drain

    CHEST 1522,415,60#,8C, DROP IN

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    Lancer – 10 Flavor Ice Beverage Dispenser

    SKU: 85-4541H-111-ME

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    Product Features:

    *High-Capacity Drip Tray to Handle Ice

    *Dispense Drive System for Trouble-Free Operation

    DIMENSIONS Width: 30 in (762 mm), Depth: 30.5 in (775 mm), Height: 35.375 in (899 mm), ICE (Cube) Capacity: 250 lbs (113 kg), Dispensable: 175 lbs (79 kg), VALVES: LEV other valves, available upon request, FLEX MANIFOLD CONFIGURATION 8 Valve: 3-1-1-3, 10 Valve: 3-1-2-1-3


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    Lancer – 2 Flavor Beverage Tower Dispenser

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    Tower 300

    *Easy Installation

    *Removable Tray

    *Valves Can Be Serviced Independently

    *7″ Valves

    *1/2″ Drain Height


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    Lancer – 6 Flavor IBD 4500 22″

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    IBD22 4500 Features:

    *22″ Width

    *30.5″ Deep and 34″ High

    *Hard-plumbed syrup and water lines for low maintenance and high performance

    *Interchangeable front graphics

    *High performance cold plate

    *Multiple Valve Options: Sanitary Lever, Push Button, Sure-Fill and High Flow, and Portion Control

    *Variable Ice Dispensing Rate

    *Visual Low-Ice indicator

    *High Capacity Drip Tray


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    Lancer – 8 Circuit Ice Chest

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    •One inch molded Polyurethane structural insulation on all sides and bottom

    •NSF approved sliding lids

    •Available with or without sealed-in cold plate for post-mix

    •All Stainless Steel construction

    •Chests with 8 circuit cold plate have 1/2″ drain

    •15″ x 22″ available with sealed-in cold plate; 8 circuit post-mix

    •Optional leg stand for mounting (sold separately)


    •15″ X 22″ – 22 in (559 mm) wide X 15 in (381 mm) deep X 14.25 in (362 mm) high

    CHEST 1522,415,60#8C,FSTAND

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    Lancer – 8 Flavor IBD 4500 30″

    SKU: 85-4548H-111

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    Product Features:

    *Interchangeable Front Graphics

    *Stainless Steel

    *Fully Insulated

    *High-Capacity Drip Tray to Control Ice and Beverage Overflow

    *Low-Ice Indicator

    *Installation Flexibility with Front and Rear Plumbing Access

    *Trouble-Free Operation

    *Variable Ice Dispensing Rate

    DIMENSIONS Width: 30 in (762 mm), Depth: 30.5 in (775 mm), Height: 35.375 in (899 mm), FITTINGS Soda inlets: 3/8″ male barb, Syrup inlets: 3/8″ male barb, VALVES LEV other valves, available upon request


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    Lancer – CED 1500 Counter Electric Dispenser

    SKU: 85-1596A-111

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    Product Features:

    *19.2″W x 24″D x 25.4″H

    *Insulation CFC Free

    *Available with Post-Mix or Juice Dispensing Valves

    *All Valves can be Serviced Independently

    *Removable Refrigeration Deck

    *Easy Installation and Service with Front Access

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    Lancer – CED 2500 Counter Electric Dispenser

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    CED 2500 Counter Electric Dispenser, ambient carbonated, 26″W x 27-1/8″D, (8) LEV® valves, 55 lb. ice capacity, Lancer electronic ice bank control, self serve lever, manifold: 3-1-1-3, 3/4 hp compressor, R134A refrigerant (CFC free), 0 GWP structural foam insulation (CFC free), key lock switch, 3/8″ barbed fittings, stainless steel construction, ETL, NSF. 115v/60/1-ph, 12.0 amps.


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    Lancer – CED 500 Juice Dispenser

    SKU: 85-0514A-107

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    DIMENSIONS Width: 10.375 in (264 mm) Depth: 25.25 in (641 mm) Height: 22.938 in (583 mm)
    ELECTRICAL 115VAC/60Hz, 7AMPs, 230VAC/50Hz, 3.3AMPs
    WEIGHT Empty: 89 lbs (40.4 kg) Operating: 125 lbs (55.4 kg) Shipping: 108 lbs (49 kg)
    ICE Capacity: 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
    FITTINGS Soda inlets: 3/8″ male barb/Syrup inlets: 3/8″ male barb


    *Stainless Steel Cabinet

    *Space Saver

    *Valves can be Serviced Independently

    *CFC-Free Insulation

    *Removable Refrigeration Deck

    *All Installation from Front of Unit

    *Leg Kit Included

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    Lancer – CED 504 Counter Electric Soda Dispenser

    SKU: 85-0504A-111

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    *Stainless steel cabinet, water bath, product lines and drip tray assembly

    *All valves can be serviced independently

    *Insulation is CFC-free, 0 GWP, structural foam

    *CFC-free, R134A Refrigerant

    *1/4 hp, 17 lb ice bank, flooded manifold

    *All installation from front of unit

    *Flex manifold configuration for multiple non-carbonated drinks