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  • EcO3Ice X4 Reproducible Image
  • EcO3Ice X4 Reproducible Image
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EcO3Ice Filter X4 System


Franke EcO3Ice Antimicrobial Ice Protection for CUBE ice machines up to 2,000 pounds of ice production

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Product Description

The Solution: What It Is

  • A light, compact device–made especially for cube-type ice machines, remote ice bins and dispensers–that kills microbes using dissolved, aqueous ozone
  • Attaches quickly and easily to the incoming water line of ice machine
  • Runs silently and automatically
  • Uses an operator-replaceable, “twist-on” electrolytic cartridge; lasts   6 to 24 months
  • LED indicator lamps show status and tell when it’s time to replace the cartridge

The Solution: How It Works

  • EcO3Ice uses a unique, synthetic diamond-based technology to create a very small but effective amount of pure, aqueous
    ozone–nature’s own sanitizer
  • Ozonated water circulates throughout the system, killing microbes on every surface it touches and retarding regrowth
  • The aqueous ozone reduces slime build-up on evaporator, pump, sump, water curtain, hoses, pipes & much more
  • A small amount of ozone gas infiltrates hard-to-reach places


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